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Thursday, January 19, 2012

wonderful + relaxing day= My Happy Day =)

tit tot...

yeeha! Today is 19 January 2012..Time is moving very fast.. wait, is correct if I use 'moving'?hmm, whatever la..hentam ja..
A special day for one of my classmates..(Erma) Birthday Girl..
HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY mama!! May God bless you always..

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Just wanna share my happy day..before that, let's have an introduction..sort of introduction la..

Everyday, my class starts at 7.30 am..huh!pity me..x pernah la kelas start jam 8 ka, 9 ka..mesti 7.30 am juga..kalau kelas start lewat, boleh la saya relax2 lagi..x payah bangun awal sangat..hehe..
according to timetable, my class is from 7.30 - 11.30..
and then continue at 2.15-3.15..personally, I don't really like afternoon class since that it is the best time for me to sleep..<because I love sleeping..pantang ada masa terluang, mesti mahu tidur ja..ish3, apalah mahu jadi ini?:D>
but nevermind, as a student, I need to sacrifice to get a better future..waseh!

I called it "My Happy Day" becoz the afternoon class is CANCELLED!!yahoo!!siapa x suka kelas dibatalkan kan..kalau student lain pun mesti happy kalau kelas dibatalkan..apatah lagi pelajar macam saya ini..hehe..<gurauan ya, tapi dalam hati suka ^__^>

I can continue watch korean drama..not only that, I can also sleep..
yeah!I like!super duper happy..
I am very thankful..hehe