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Sunday, January 22, 2012

CnY break..Day 1

tit tot..

It's time to update blog as I have promised the day before..=)

Actually this morning I don't have any plan..but then I received a message from mama-my classmate..
She asks me to go for outing..That's what I like the most-->Outing!! yeah!At last I can get out from this territory, at least for hours..hehe, Thank God.

So for today, the destination is: The Spring..
I have not been here for quite a long period of time due to financial problem..hoho

This the sort of tentative for today:
12.30 pm: wait for bus ( K8)
1.00   pm: Bus arrived
1.15   pm: Safely arrived The Spring.. and my heart starts to shout happily.. I've arrived, the feeling is like a               bird that is free from a cage..:D
First thing first, berbaris to withdraw money (for my friends la, I'll withdraw it later so that I can control myself from spending money) Next, to fill our tank= our stomach..
What is the choice of today?
--> Nasi Goreng Nanas (Classic) which costs me RM 6.20
+ mango juice (RM 3.00)
I forget to take photos of this food since that I am busy eating..:D,so the conclusion is no photo la for you guys to cuci2 mata..
Saya berpuas hati la dengan makanan yang saya beli 2 coz kuantitinya agak banyak sehingga menyebabkan saya menjadi seperti ular sawa untuk menghabiskan makanan itu..hoho..
2.20 pm: window shopping at Padini..There are sales at Padini, but unfortunately dompetku nipis, x, I can only watch sad..
3.20 pm: Time for watch movie {Journey 2: The Mysterious Island} Actually I'm not sure whether it is Island / World.. lazy to google, just be it..

Pic ini agak blur..memang sah x boleh jadi photographer..tapi xpa, yang penting masih boleh nmpk lagi tulisan itu..
6.30 pm: Go back to nest (hostel) again..hoho..

I am having fun with my friends.. tQ guys & girl..:D
Next time, we can outing to another place again..

Happy Chinese New Year!!

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