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Sunday, October 9, 2011

#2: 1st outing together as roomate after 1 week of separation

tit tot..

huh!finally, my roomate has came back from her so-called vacation.. She has not been in campus, to be specific in our room for 1 week..along that week, I am very bored because during the weekend I am alone in the room since the other roomate goes back home..pity me.

okay,enough with the sad moment. Now, let's move on to the best moment..yeah!!
we have planned to watch movie the day before. so, today we will enjoy watch movie together.. It's been approximately 1 month since the last day I step my feet to the I miss cinema so much!yeah!as if..hehe

today is our second trial of adventure together. It is adventure we are going to the Spring by using bus which both of us not sure when will the bus arrive..if I'm not mistaken, there is a schedule for the bus to operate (am I correct?whatever la..just 'hentam2' la)

around 11.30 am we walk from hostel to the bus stop which is not far from our campus..while waiting for the bus, we have some gossip to kill the time...hehe..<just like what every ladies will do ^_^> after waiting for 15 minutes, the bus arrived..huh!thank God..

so, what we do at the Spring??

1. the first a& foremost---> buy movie tickets!
   yeah!can't wait to watch movie

2. fill our tankat KFC
   finger licking good <correct ka?nevermind,whatever>

3. watch movie
    guess what?we watch "Al-hijab" which is a Malay ghost story..actually I don't wanna watch this,but                 because of my roomy wanna watch,just watch time can watch "Three Musketeers"..perhaps with someone special..^__^

4. wandering around
    -buy some accessories for the coming function..can't wait for it..
    - buy the same ring with my roomy as a "tanda mata" for us as roommate

5. drink ABC & igloo
   yeah!ABC!!I love ABC..drink until my stomach is super duper full..
   saw seniors..and chit chat for a while with them..

6. heading towards BIG apple
    buy some for someone special..^^

7. window shopping
   window shopping from corner to corner & floor to floor in the Spring until I feel that the screw of knee is not tight already..

8. go back to IPBL by using bus again --> K8

arrive at IPBL, play with mayau near the mosque..the mayau is very cute,just like garfiled..but it is not chubby like Garfiled.

source: Mr Google
playing with the mayau reminds me of Comot..wanna see Comot??Comot..

that's all for today..yeah!!enjoy your day guys..^^

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