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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


tit tot...
assalamualaikum semua..

Good day everyone. So, how's your day? Is it fun or stressful? No matter what it is, I want to wish happy working for those who are working; have fun in your studies to all the younger generation.

Wow! What is pelli-chupulu? Can you guess? For those who can guess it correctly, CONGRATULATIONS!! Yeah! You have won a candy.:P Hooray! Enough with the crap, Athirah. Just get to the point, do not waste other people's time reading nonsense that you post.

Okay3. Actually, I got this term Pelli-chupulu from a book entitled " The Mango Season" written by Amulya Malladi. In this story, Priya, the main character is going into an arranged marriage a.k.a. pelli-chupulu. Basically, she herself does not want to get an arranged marriage because she already has an American boyfriend or you can call him as her fiance- Nick. Priya is really against this ceremony, so she keeps complaining about it.

Hearing the complain from Priya, definitely Sowmya (Priya's aunt) will feel offended since she has been through this ceremony for the 65th time. Can you imagine that? 65? Isn't it too many? Personally, I think that Sowmya is very choosy. This is because, she has seen 65 person. Why doesn't she just choose  one of them? I believe that there is one person who can suit her taste. Furthermore, Priya's future partner is much more handsome, educated and rich than the person whom Sowmya going to meet. For sure, Sowmya will be jealous of it. Poor Sowmya. Hopefully you can find the perfect match for you before you turn into fifty. By that time, you are too old and not beautiful anymore to wear the beautiful saree. Yes?

I think that's all I want to write. My brain needs time to rest. Adios. Have a good day everyone.^^

p/s: this is actually the task which my Es lecturer asks us to just an opinion..

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