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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

activities during semester break...

     I went back to my home on 28 May 2011. I hope that my life for these 3 weeks will become exciting and meaningful since my life at the campus was not that good. This is because, I couldn't cook (even though the students are allowed to cook in the hostel, I think that I will not cook a delicious,yummy dishes as my mom cook....^^) in the hostel and the most important thing was the food sold at the cafe are very expensive yet the quantity is worthless. Plus, it was difficult for me to go out and breath in some fresh air because I don't have a CAR..

and I don't have driving licence too..poor me...=(
     why am I talking nonsense??hehe..actually,the purpose for this post is to list down the activities that I did in these few days...does it sound like I have been through awesome days? is totally wrong...well,let see what are my activities for these few days....
 1. sleep
 5.take bath
 6.visit my aunt's house
so, that's life is boring...but, it seems like my days will become more wonderful than these few days because there is a special day coming soon...just wait for it...I can't wait for it!!!hehe...^^

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