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Thursday, May 19, 2011

unexpected incident

As usual, I will wait for my classmates at our favorite spot before we go to class together. We usually walk in a group which make the girls in my class will come late or early together.hehe..^^

 S***t...Ooopppss...why do u say so? I asked my Chinese friend. She said that her roommate's mobile phone was stolen by mysterious person. I was surprised because their room was at the same floor with me which was ground floor. I thought that ground floor was the safest place since there were grills. But now, it's not. The person broke the window and took away the mobile phone. The strange thing was the person even took out the sim card and place it on  the table. We assume that this person afraid that he or she might get caught if there is sim card in the phone.

Last night, I slept alone in my room. I don't have any idea where was my roommate. She always didn't inform me if she did not go back to our room. I don't blame her since it is her privacy, but I'm afraid that if something happen to her, what will I tell the warden or her parents. After I heard the news, I hope that there is someone who can accompany me tonight because I am afraid. I wish that my ex-roommate is here. She will always be by my side. I miss you Jujune.

The semester break is just around the corner. But, there are many things happen. Before this, someone stole bras in the hostel. hoho..  I can't imagine what will happen next. God please protect us from bad things..

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