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Friday, April 22, 2011


The first time I saw this word was when I read the newsletter that have been published by my college mate...^^..Proud of them...
I'm sure that you will think what is FRENEMY right??hehe...just keep thinking,coz I'm not sure what is it mean...:D..
I have a friend which was once closed to me...we are kind of close before this..but now, I think we are not that close anymore...when I saw him, I just pretend that I didn't see him coz I felt uneasy with him...
It all started when he got angry with everyone around him....even though you don't do anything wrong,he would scold you...That's what makes me get far away from him...I don't like such guy..can't he thinks of others feelings??And now, he thinks that everyone is avoiding him...actually it's true that everyone wanna be far away from him..

to him: I'm sorry coz I do such an evil n cruel thing to you...but,I didn't mean it...I just wanna give a lesson so that you know how to control your emotion...=(

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