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Thursday, February 17, 2011

what do you think of Beauty?

What do you understand from the ONE word Beauty or how you  describe Beauty?
Is it by saying to a person, "Hey girl,you look beautiful today." or you may say that beauty is by judging the face of an individual.For me, beauty is not only what you can see from a person face, it is also the "beauty" of one's heart. Not every pretty lady in this world has a "beauty" heart.

What for if you are a beautiful girl which is admire by many boys in your school or workplace if you have a UGLY heart??What for??The beauty of your face will not last longer. Therefore, do not feel arrogant if you have a pretty face. Just appreciate it as a gift from GOD. Try to show people around you the inside beauty, not only the outside beauty of you. Each of us in this world has their own "Beauty". So, show the world the BEAUTY OF YOU.
 NOte??~I apologize if this entry has grammar mistakes. I just want to practice using English to improve my proficiency. Really sorry if when you are reading this entry, your eyes hurt...SORRY..Remember that no one in this world is PERFECT...^^
                       The most important thing is: Beauty lies on the eyes of beholder

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